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Ballistic Rubber Media

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CRS can produce 100% pure vulcanized ballistic rubber media. There are no other companies in the industry can make that claim. Our product is made for bullet traps that are designed with the use of granulated rubber media. We provide two different types of ballistic rubber media for shooting ranges and bullet traps. Our premium (vbrm2000) is the 100% pure vulcanized rubber with no impurities. This is the best media on the market made from our vulcanized products. Our second product (srrm2000) is a lower cost top end recycled rubber that is 99% wire and tread free. This ballistic rubber media is shipped in 4' x 4' x 5' 2000 lb bags.

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Why Our Ballistic Rubber Media?

Cumberland Rubber Supply provides the best material on the market for a bullet capture and containment trap. With the offering of pure vulcanized granulated rubber material to stop incoming rounds. The product is designed so the bullet on impact will be captured and minimize airborne lead dust while decreasing backsplatter and ricochet. CRS premium rubber media contains built-in fire resistant formula along with UV protection.

• Our ballistic rubber media create a safe live fire environment by preventing accidents. Our rubber is designed to control bullets on contact, stop ricochet, encapsulate rounds, and self-heal after impact.

• CRS Rubber Media is for indoor or outdoor applications and is designed to withstand harsh environmental elements on both ends of the spectrum.

• Rubber is preferred over dirt or sand because of the ability to collect rounds that fall to the bottom of the trap.

Granulated Ballistic Rubber

We offer four types of rubber ballistic rubber media for shooting ranges.

Premium Vulcanized Rubber Media

Our flagship product (vbrm2000) which is 100% pure vulcanized rubber. This product also the only rubber media on the market with a built-in flame retardant formula. This product is about 3x more in cost and usually in limited supply. This product is built from the same material that our blocks, sheets, and panels come from with a built-in flame retardent formula.

Standard Range Rubber Media

Our standard range rubber media (srrm2000) is a product that comes from a vulcanized combination of recycled pneumatic tires and completely solid rubber material. This product meets or exceeds the range specification. The product process removes all tread and metal, making it 99+% pure.

Incidental tracer rounds

Regarding tracer rounds, we know some range companies talk about "tracer rounds" as a scare tactic/ marketing gimmick to get you to purchase a full ballistic containment system package.

The truth is, it would not be advised to allow tracer rounds on your range in any circumstance. (even with flame retardant rubber) Tracer rounds are usually used for military and only needed in military drills.

In the event that someone accidentally shoots a tracer round, it will likely be extinguished. However, we would never advise firing tracer rounds into the rubber on purpose.

Ballistic Rubber Media By Type

Standard Range Rubber Media (50 lbs) - Media from Vulcanized combo of recycled tire/ completely solid batch. (1" - .75" Average size)


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3mm Range Rubber Media (2200 lbs) - Media from Vulcanized combo of recycled tire/ completely solid batch. (3mm Average size)


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