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About CRS Projects

Cumberland Rubber Supply: Robust Projects Tailored for Every Industry

Cumberland Rubber Supply (CRS) stands at the forefront of rubber manufacturing, dedicating our expertise to the execution of robust rubber projects that span across diverse industries. From environmental conservation to intensive training facilities, our projects are a blend of innovation, safety, and endurance. For a comprehensive look into the various sectors we serve, our Sectors/Industry Page provides detailed insights.

Environmental sustainability projects like our earth-holding berms showcase our commitment to developing products that support ecological preservation. These berms are central to numerous soil erosion projects, effectively safeguarding landscapes against degradation.

Safety-centric projects in the public safety and defense sectors are bolstered by CRS’s production of anti-ricochet ballistic rubber blocks. These blocks are at the heart of numerous shooting range projects, providing critical round encapsulation and improving safety for all range users.

The custom ballistic range projects we undertake are comprehensive solutions for military and law enforcement training programs, encompassing a full spectrum of range designs that prioritize functional safety in rigorous training scenarios.

We also extend our project portfolio to sports and recreation through granulated rubber media, a project component that enhances playground safety and contributes to eco-friendly sports field construction.

Our free-standing ballistic block wall projects offer tactical flexibility for shooting range setups. This modular approach to range design allows for rapid adaptation to different training protocols, evidencing our projects’ capability to meet evolving safety standards.

Ballistic sheet projects provide multifunctional applications, from acoustic management to ballistic protection, serving an array of needs in indoor shooting range projects while ensuring environmental compliance.

Customization is a cornerstone of CRS projects, with each piece of ballistic testing equipment specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of defense and research projects, where precision and reliability are non-negotiable.

In the domain of athletic projects, our high-density rubber components form the backbone of home gyms and professional sports facilities, engineered to endure the high-impact conditions of athletic training and competitions.

Mining industry projects rely heavily on the durability of rubber parts. CRS contributes to these projects with bumper parts crafted to absorb and dissipate extreme forces, thereby reducing equipment wear and operational costs.

Projects within athletic facility design, such as hockey rink and CrossFit gym flooring, benefit from our high-density rubber flooring projects. These installations are crafted to provide safety and durability under the most demanding athletic endeavors.

Erosion control projects are another area where CRS makes a significant impact. Our rubber solutions are designed to resist environmental stressors, thus playing a pivotal role in infrastructure protection projects.

Precision-cut parts are essential for a range of industrial projects, and CRS’s custom water jet cutting service allows for the creation of intricate parts, ensuring each project component meets exact specifications.

The aesthetic dimension of functional projects is not overlooked, as demonstrated by our custom ribbed panel projects, which enhance both the utility and visual appeal of spaces where they are installed.

Our venture into three-dimensional solutions is evident in our 3D custom rubber parts projects, offering advanced solutions for industries that require complex and multi-faceted components.

Sports safety projects, particularly in hockey, leverage our large custom rubber parts designed to minimize injury risks, showcasing our commitment to creating safer sporting environments.

Lastly, our projects extend to the design and manufacture of high-density parts for shooting range projects, setting benchmarks for safety and longevity that respond to the needs of a demanding industry.

At Cumberland Rubber Supply, every project is a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation. We encourage industry leaders and stakeholders to discover how CRS projects can enhance their operational efficiency and safety by exploring our Sectors/Industry Page.