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Ballistic Rubber Media

Bullet Trap Granulated Rubber

Purpose : Safe live fire environment
Design : Controlling rounds
Feature : Decrease backsplatter and ricochet
Flame : vbrm2000 has ability to reduce the risk of fire
Life : Outlasts our competition

High Quality Rubber Media

CRS has the ability to produce 100% pure vulcanized ballistic rubber media. There are no other companies in the industry can make that claim. Our product is made for bullet traps that are designed with the use of granulated rubber media. We provide two different types of ballistic rubber media for shooting ranges and bullet traps. Our premium (vbrm2000) is the 100% pure vulcanized rubber with no impurities. This is the best media on the market made from our vulcanized products. Our second product (srrm2000) is a lower cost top end recycled rubber that is 99% wire and tread free. This ballistic rubber media is shipped in 2000 lb bags.

Rubber is preferred over dirt or sand because of its ability to collect rounds that fall to the bottom of the trap. Additionally, rubber has been specified for designs because sand and dirt will erode, harden, and increase ricochets.

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