Ballistic Blocks


Cumberland Rubber’s ballistic CQ Blocks are the highest quality ballistic rubber protection and round encapsulation available in the firearms industry for protecting range users from ricochets or low-volume bullet traps. The rubber material in our solid one-piece construction can expand to a potential 300 times its original shape before tearing.

The market “standard” ballistic rubber 9x12x24 blocks est. max total of 2,500 rounds before failure with a “pass-through” forcing blocks to be removed from service. With equal caliber use, our CQ Block can go between 8k-10k rounds and still not have a pass-through! See what blocks look like (The primary reason our CQ Blocks get pulled from service isn’t pass-throughs, though, it’s structural shape. As our Ballistic Blocks envelope rounds, they expand from their rigid rectangular shape into a more oval shape and become a risk for a wall of blocks to then fall down. By comparison, if the competition blocks aren’t pulled from service from pass-throughs, then they are removed from service because they crumble apart, losing mass and shrinking in size!)

We offer our CQ Blocks in a wide variety of sizes for ease of installation, and specific case uses. We start with a manageable 6″ x 12″ x 12″ (36 lbs) up to 9″ x 12″ x 24″ (105 lbs), and then we have the unrivaled CQ Knee Wall Block, a 9″ x 9″ x 6′ at 275 lbs that one person can easily install with a fork truck!

Ballistic CQ Blocks By Size & SKU:

HD 9x12x24 PremiumBB091224
HD 8x8x16 Premiumbb080816
HD 6x12x12 Premiumbb061212
HD 6x12x24 Premiumbb061224
HD 9.5×9.5×72 Premiumbb959572

Other sizes available upon request.

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