AR500 Steel

AR 500 Steel for Gun Range

AR500 & HARDOX 450

Ballistic steel is designed for a wide variety of police, military, and private range applications. AR500F is a through-hardened, abrasion-resistant product with a nominal hardness level of 500 HBW. Applications AR500F abrasion-resistant plate is used in equipment subjected to abrasive wear.

Other Common applications for AR500F abrasion-resistant plate include mining and raw material handling, recycling, and construction equipment where AR500F may be employed in hoppers, chutes, crushers, conveyors, screens, shovels and buckets, cutting edges, truck dump bodies, and other components exposed to abrasive wear. Ballistic Steel is used in indoor and outdoor range designs. Range design varies from rubber berm trap, step trap, pit trap, venetian blind trap, escalator trap, angled iron trap to shoot house walls.

Range Backstops

Ballistic Steel ideal for bullet traps.
The sheet and steel trap system is quite common across ranges. This system is made to capture rounds and prevent ricochets that may harm shooters.

Anti-Ricochet Setup

Steel Products:

Ballistic Steel

  • Ballistic Steel ideal for bullet traps.
  • Steel available in multiple thicknesses.
  • Steel sheets for any shooting facility needs.
  • Products are ready to use upon arrival.

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