Ballistic Sheets and Rolls

Ballistic rubber sheets and rolls


Self-healing ballistic rubber sheets and rolls are a type of material that is used in live fire training activities. The sheets are made of a special type of rubber that is designed to “heal” or close up after being punctured by a bullet, thereby closing up to prevent ricochet from coming back at the shooters. Rubber is usually a natural or natural and synthetic material with physical properties to enhance strength and durability. Self-healing ballistic rubber sheets and rolls are typically used in military and law enforcement applications, as well as in public and private shooting ranges. They are designed to be able to withstand thousands of impacts from bullets without failing or degrading and to provide a high level of protection for those training.

What is Ballistic Rubber?

Ballistic rubber is a versatile and effective material used in a variety of applications, including shooting ranges. Despite its name, it is not bulletproof, but it does offer impressive safty properties. For example, it can be used as an anti-ricochet device, allowing bullets and other small objects to enter the surface without bouncing back out. It also has the ability to slow down incoming rounds due to its encapsulation properties. Whether you need to create a safe and controlled shooting environment or protect against ricochets, ballistic rubber is an excellent choice.


HD 1/2″x48x96″ Premiumbs120408
HD 3/8″x48x96″ Premium(minimum of 25)bs380408
HD 1″x48x96″ Premiumbs010408
HD 2″x48x96″ Premiumbs020408
HD 2″x48x48″ Premiumbs020404
Black Gum Rubber 1/8″x48″x40′141-08-482
Tan Gum Rubber 1/8″x48″x50′127-08-482
Red Gum Rubber 1/8″x48″x80′135-08-482
Red Gum Rubber 1/4″x48″x40′135-16-482
White Gum Rubber 1/4″x48″x50′ (minimum of 10)47P-16-482
Black Gum Rubber 1/4″x48″x40′141-16-482
Tan Gum Rubber 1/4″x48″x40′127-16-482
Tan Gum Rubber 3/8″x48″x30′127-24-482
Beige Gum Rubber 3/8″x48″x30″128-24-482
Red Gum Rubber 3/8″x48″x30″135-24-482