Granulated Rubber

Granulated Rubber Media for shooting rang backstops

Granulated Rubber Media

Granulated rubber media has been used for bullet traps for around 40 years and was first used in indoor firing ranges. Using sand indoors for bullet traps proved to be extremely dusty and would clog HVAC filters quickly. Shooting hot soft heavy lead rounds into Steel traps causes the rounds to temporarily plasticize when they strike steel and loses mass, turning to dust and clogging filters.

Granulated Rubber Berm

Media is a term used to describe an intermediate layer, other examples could be gravel, pea gravel over, ballistic sand (sugar sand, screened sand free of rocks or debris) over native soils or screened loam.
Ballistic Rubber has many different names as there is no standard industry nomenclature for the product. It is often called chip, chopped, shredded, cut, ball, mulch, berm rubber, etc.

Rubber intended for use at live-fire shooting ranges and bullet traps is colloquially referred to as “ballistic” which is just a fun way of saying it’s meant to be shot at. The best ballistic rubber media is 100% free of steel wire and fiber.

Unsurpassed Quality

CRS Ballistic Rubber Media, that is 100% free of steel wire, fiber and tread is a shredded by product of an engineered part which is made from SBR & Natural Rubber same as Tires, except without the steel wire, fiber and tread. The process is intentionally building a brand new product versus recycling an end of life tire.

Ballistic Rubber Media by purity & SKU:

VBRM2000 – Premium Vulcanized Rubber Media lb (2000 lbs)
100% Pure from ballistic rubber – flame resistant formula in rubber (1″ Average size) in bag 4′ x 4′ x 5′ (Limited Supply)

SRRM2000 – Standard Range Rubber Media (2000 lbs)
Rubber media from Vulcanized combination of recycled pneumatic and auto tire/ completely solid rubber batch. Removed tread and metal. 99% pure. (1″ – .75″ Average size) in 4″ x 4′ x 5′ bag

SRRM50bg – Standard Range Rubber Media (50 lbs)
Rubber media from Vulcanized combination of recycled pneumatic and auto tire/ completely solid rubber batch. Removed tread and metal. 99% Pure (1″ – .75″ Average size)

SRRM3mm2k – Rubber Media – 3mm Grind Range Rubber Media (2000 lbs)
Rubber media no tread no metal. (3mm Average size) in 2200 lb bag (color: black)

Pure Granulated Ballistic Rubber Media


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    Granulated Rubber Berm Granulated rubber is a popular choice for use as a berm backstop at shooting ranges. This material is known for its ability to effectively trap and contain bullets, making it a safe and reliable option for use in a gun range setting. Granulated Rubber Benefits One of the major benefits of using
  • Granulated Rubber in Bullet Traps
    CRS is the leading supplier of granulated rubber. Granulated rubber is a significant product for many shooting ranges. It is used to slow and capture rounds in a range. We work with all branches of the government, police departments, and public and private shooting ranges.
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    CRS is the top name when it comes to high-quality ballistic rubber. Our High-Density Ballistic Rubber has more beneficial features than just its good looks. CRS range products deliver peace-of-mind that your shooting range is safe for everyone who visits – no matter their level of experience! CRS Ballistic offers: -Ballistic Panels -Ballistic Blocks -Ballistic
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    HIGH DENSITY RUBBER CRS parts will outlast the competition guaranteed. We make the best ballistic parts on the market. We continue to gain customers who are tired of replacing parts due to high breakdown rates. CRS ballistic panels provide strength, elasticity, and durability. HIGH IMPACT We have designed ballistic parts for high-impact applications like military,
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    Studies and tests reveal contaminants, and improper design can lead to the potential for smoke or fire risk. Efficient traps will decrease kinetic energy and provide an all-around safe granulated rubber trap. It is essential to design traps with the proper guidelines, free of contaminants, and use a high-quality rubber source. Lastly, use treatment to mix in with the rubber media.
  • Granulated Rubber Media Q & A
    Not all granulated rubber is the same. Impurities in the material can be a liability. For shooting ranges, it’s important to keep as much impurity out of the product as possible.
  • Types of Shooting Range Backstops and Traps
    Granulated Rubber Berm Granulated rubber media that makes up the backstop. This design captures the fired projectile upon impact. This type of trap usually handles all calibers.PROS: This berm is usually very durable. The cost low to moderate cost. This trap is great at stopping ricochet and good at containing dust containment.CONS: Rubber will need
  • Granulated Rubber Traps and Maintenance
    A common fear and worst-case scenario for a range is the possibility of fire. Granulated rubber has more pros than cons, and the possibility of fire is an uncommon scenario. (with the proper range maintenance) Shooting ranges take all precautions to keep shooters safe. Rubber is the number one safety product for ranges. However, when