High Density Rubber Products - Made in the U.S.A.

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Agriculture & Equestrian Rubber Parts

Cumberland Rubber Supply products are made to take a beating. Our products are not for the average, our durability is built for the extreme. These qualities make our rubber parts ideal for the equestrian and agriculture applications. Our parts come with a lifetime guarantee, if you can wear out our mat send it back and we will replace it.

Custom Solutions
We have built seals, liners, bars, bumpers, plates, covers, flooring and more. CRS can provide a custom solution that will meet your demands.

Heavy-duty flooring
CRS is the most durable, high intensity flooring source. Our impact mats will outlast our competition (meaning they will NOT break down and flake over time. The consistency of our rubber reduces chances of slipping, and the mats will stay in place without adhesive.

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Heavy-Duty Parts:

rf340406 - Rubber Flooring 3/4" s 4' x 6' (96 lbs)
rf380408 - Rubber Flooring 3/8" x 4" x 8' (80 lbs)
am380203 - Antifatigue Mat 3/8" x 2' x 3'
am380305 - Antifatigue Mat 3/8" x 3' x 5'
Other sizes available upon request.

CRS products are built to last.
Our heavy-duty rubber is built using a systematic and tedious heat press process. The end result is the highest density/ performing product per square inch on the market.

Looking for high quality rubber for your next project?