Cumberland Rubber Supply Products:


Our flagship products are our rubber parts. The flexibility of rubber is very high, making it suitable for various kinds of shock absorbers and for specialized mountings designed to reduce vibration. Rubber is also relatively impermeable to gases and has a resistance to water and most fluid chemicals. Rubber goods also possess electrical resistance and are used as electrical insulators.

Cumberland Rubber Supply specializes in high-impact parts. Our vulcanized part can be found in high-impact and high-velocity environments. CRS parts are found in shooting ranges, mines, oil fields, power plants, industrial facilities, farms, athletic training facilities, and more. CRS can build panels, tiles, blocks, sheets, curtains, bumpers, pavers, ballasts, pads, and more. We are capable of producing high-density rubber components with unique custom dimensions to meet our customer’s specifications.

Our rubber parts are built with the desired qualities of strength, elasticity, and durability for the specific application. CRS rubber can be used to sustain thousands of high-velocity rounds while maintaining structural integrity or taking on immense weight and repetitive impact.

Gear Up with CRS

Are you looking for a reliable partner to supply durable parts that can withstand the test of time? Look no further than Cumberland Rubber Supply (CRS). CRS has been producing high-quality rubber parts for years. We have also expanded our portfolio to include accompanying materials like bulletproofing fiberglass, acoustic materials, steel, and hybrid components.

At CRS, performance is king. We provide products that meet even the tightest specifications. We also offer steel parts and hybrid components that combine various materials into one part—allowing you to customize your solution to meet your exact needs.

We service unique markets and satisfy unique demands. Check out our inventory of sizes and parts. If you don’t see what you need, we can provide a custom solution.

What is vulcanized rubber?

Vulcanized rubber is a type of rubber that has been subjected to a process called vulcanization. This process involves the application of heat, pressure, and chemicals to raw rubber, causing the rubber molecules to cross-link and form a more durable and stable material. The result is a rubber that is stronger, more resistant to temperature changes and wear, and more resistant to swelling when exposed to oils and solvents. Cumberland Rubber Supply Vulcanized rubber is often used in the production of high impact blocks, panels, sheets, bumpers, and other high density products that require a high level of durability and stability.

Can Cumberland Rubber Supply do custom size parts?

If you feel the need to customize one of our regular products to meet the needs of your business, then all you have to do is call and we will strive to exceed your expectations.

Why is CRS rubber superior to other produces?

Not all rubber is made equal. At CRS our goal is building the highest performing rubber on a price per pound basis. The bottom line is that the density of our rubber is the element that extends the life of the product. Our vulcanized rubber is built using a systematic and tedious process. This process begins with only natural uncured rubber. After the rubber is heat pressed, it is then cured. The result of this process is a higher density per square inch than other products on the market.