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Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels

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CRS is the top high-density rubber company in the United States. However, rubber is not always the best solution for decreasing noise. Yes, the rubber will help opposed to nothing, but the real answer is an actual acoustic panel made with acoustic fiber. CRS has teamed up with the leading producer of acoustic products to design panels that will increase NRC rating in your environment.

Increasing the NRC in a loud environment is important. NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient and is a standard rating for how well a material absorbs sound. The NRC rating of a material can be viewed as a percentage. For example, an NRC of . 75 means 75% of the sound energy that contacts that material is absorbed and is not reflected back into a room. This is important in places like factories or shooting ranges.

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Acoustic control panels are the optimal solution for environments that have the need to reduce sound that has the potential to cause hearing damage. These environments range from shooting ranges to loud factories. Additionally, our acoustic control panels include a flame shield that can withstand continuous temperatures above 400° F without burning. Due to to the panel  structure, it also allows high frequency and low frequency to be effectively absorbed.

• Our acoustic control panels are available in a range of sizes. We can also produce custom sizes if needed.

• Product includes a fire-resistant fiber with a flame shield facing.  

•The sound panel is made to increase the overall NRC rating on your range. We have test documentation available on request.

Custom size

We can produce panels in a range of sizes.

NRC Rating

Our sound panels provide a higher NRC rating than rubber panels.

Flame retardent formula

This product has a flame retardant formula that is built into the product. This product meets the ASTM-E84 Class A requirement.

Incidental tracer rounds

Regarding tracer rounds, we know some range companies talk about "tracer rounds" as a scare tactic/ marketing gimmick to get you to purchase a full ballistic containment system package.

The truth is, it would not be advised to allow tracer rounds on your range in any circumstance. (even with flame retardant rubber) Tracer rounds are usually used for military and only needed in military drills.

In the event that someone accidentally shoots a tracer round, it will likely be extinguished. However, we would never advise firing tracer rounds into the rubber on purpose.

Ballistic Panels By Size

2" x 18" x 18" Acoustic Fiber Noise Control Panels (4 lbs)
(color: black) High NRC Rating.


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2" x 2' x 2' Acoustic Fiber Noise Control Panels (4 lbs)
(color: black) High NRC Rating.


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2" x 3' x 3' Acoustic Fiber Noise Control Panels (4 lbs)
(color: black) High NRC Rating.


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2" x 2' x 2' High Density Ballistic Ribbed Rubber Panels
(color: black) Vulcanized
Ribbed face, Reduces reverberation.


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Other sizes available upon request.


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