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Ballistic Rubber Bullet Traps

Ballistic Rubber Traps

There are many unique range and shoothouse setups and designs. Many of the conventional models use ballistic rubber because of its desired qualities with controlling bullets. Each range project will have a unique set of requirements to be considered for the optimal bullet trap system. Some of the elements to consider are the type of weapons and ammunition, indoor or outdoor, available range size, and traffic. Range design varies from rubber berm trap, step trap, pit trap, Venetian blind trap, escalator trap, angled iron trap to shoot house walls.

For example, a Rubber Berm Trap will consist of an angled support structure with rubber media, rubber sheets, or rubber blocks covering berm. An angled steel trap will utilize an AR500 steel backstop while hanging ballistic curtains or sheets to provide range safety. The design concepts will to stop or control the round as well as decrease bullet ricochets. In many designs, steel or dirt is not enough to provide a safe live fire environment. With the addition of rubber, a range will substantially decrease ricochets off of steel or rocks.

Range Safety Comes First

No matter what, safety must always be the priority when shooting. No matter the range design, make sure you are using ballistic products designed for the application. Ballistic panels, sheets, and blocks that are intended to furnish a safe live fire environment by controlling bullets on contact, stopping/ preventing ricochet, and self-healing after impact. Our innovative formula is why our parts outlast our competition. CRS ballistic rubber provides strength, elasticity, and durability while our competitors part's are quickly shredded and reduced to messy lead-filled pile's. We are a premium manufacturer and supplier of superior quality and eco-friendly ballistic rubber parts designed for varied use in military, law enforcement and private ranges.

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