Ballistic rubber sheets and panels down range

CRS Anti-Ricochet Ballistic Sheets and Ballistic Panels in Action

At Cumberland Rubber Supply, we are committed to providing the highest quality materials to ensure a safe environment for live-fire training and shooting ranges. Our aim is to offer only the best products in the market, and we understand the significance of utilizing high-performing ballistic rubber.

In many shooting ranges, anti-Ricochet ballistic panels and ballistic sheets are used to enhance safety features. To ensure optimal protection, the side walls are often lined with 24″ x 24″ ballistic panels. These panels offer numerous benefits, including enhanced safety, durability, and versatility. They control bullets on impact, prevent ricochets, and have a self-healing capability, making them ideal for live-fire training environments. Cumberland Rubber Supply also offers a range of tensile strength options, so facilities can choose the product that best meets their needs. Additionally, the built-in fire-retardant formula and UV protection make the ballistic rubber panels a reliable and long-lasting solution.

Down range, 48″ x 96″ anti-Ricochet ballistic rubber sheets are used. These sheets provide many of the same benefits as the ballistic panels, including enhanced safety, durability, and versatility. The self-healing capability of the sheets and the range of tensile strength options offered by Cumberland Rubber Supply make them an ideal solution for live-fire training environments. The natural gum rubber sheets, produced through a unique compounding process, offer exceptional strength, resilience, and resistance to cutting and tearing. They are an ideal choice for those seeking a thin sheet with superior performance.

Our extensive selection includes both hybrid SBR ballistic sheets and natural gum rubber rolls, ensuring that we have the right product to meet the needs of every shooting range. With Cumberland Rubber Supply, you can be confident that you are getting the best in terms of quality, performance, and safety.

In the past, we have challenged our competitors to compete in an official side-by-side performance test, but they have been reluctant to step up to the challenge. Nevertheless, we have conducted independent and customer-based tests on our products and have consistently outperformed our competition.

Our ballistic sheets are designed to provide a safe live fire environment by controlling bullets on impact, preventing ricochets, and self-healing after each shot. These sheets are used in various settings including shooting ranges, shoot houses, and other live-fire training facilities. The self-healing capability sets our products apart from general rubber mats found in retail stores.

In terms of tensile strength, we offer a range of options to suit different needs. Our vulcanized rubber has a tensile strength of 1000 psi, while our natural gum rubber boasts a strength of 3000 psi. Additionally, our ballistic rubber contains a built-in fire-retardant formula and UV protection, making it an all-around solution for live-fire training environments.

At CRS, we offer a unique solution for those looking for a personalized touch in their live-fire training environment – colored ballistic rubber products. Our natural gum rubber sheets are premium products, manufactured through a distinctive compounding process similar to the well-known Linatex brand. Unlike our competitors, we do not attach a hefty markup to our products, yet they deliver the same outstanding performance as the rest.

Whether you’re looking for a safe environment for live-fire training or seeking to enhance your shooting range, Cumberland Rubber Supply has the solution for you. Our products are designed to provide the highest level of protection and performance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Contact us today to learn more about our anti-ricochet ballistic sheets and ballistic panels.

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