“We shot a couple of thousand rounds Friday. Can barely see where the rounds penetrated the ballistic rubber.”

-Carlos Langston

“Great products and customer service. We bought two 1/2″x4’x8′ sheets for our pistol range backstop. Bullet holes pass through and self close. 6 months after install it still looks good.”

-Scott Neville

“Our San Diego company needed to have a solution for saving money on painting, repainting and repairing split wood leveling boards for our fleet of trailers we lease. The wooden boards were such a pain as they split all the time. After some research we contacted Cumberland and spoke with Will. He was very patient and helpful with his suggestions to solve our needs. We are very pleased with our rubber boards we received and feel they will last and look nice far longer so they were worth the expense. We recommend Will and this company for rubber products and we will do business with them in the future as our company grows.”

-Lisa Caputo

“I purchased some rubber mats for a gym floor and had an excellent experience. The mats are high quality and came as promised. Customer service and follow up was excellent. I highly recommend Cumberland Rubber Supply.”

-Brian Baseman

“The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office runs the biggest and busiest law enforcement range in Northern California, 2 years ago, I was tasked with a remodel/beautification of our range.  During the remodel, I saw that the front of the range was shot to hell and the wood was severely damaged and the concrete behind it was in even worse condition from all the rounds impacting it over the 25 years.  The only time saving and economical solution I could come up with was installing ballistic rubber in front of the concrete wall.  I worked with Cumberland Rubber Supply and they agreed to make a special ballistic rubber mold for me with interlocking ballistic rubber that would not allow any weak point seams and would absorb the countless rounds that it is hit with.  Two years later, the rubber has withstood the test of time.  There are no weak spots, or even any areas that show impact damage.  The rubber appears to have a very good UV rating, as with 2 years in the sun, it has not changed color or composition.  It has maintained its original color and density.  I am very impressed with the quality of the rubber and in fact have ordered even more rubber to reinforce several of our open ranges where again we have some bad shots who continually destroy the bases of our targets.  I would highly recommend the use of this rubber for any firearms facility as it takes away the risk of ricochet and maintains its structure, form and absorbs countless rounds that I cannot put a count on.”

-Alameda Country Sheriffs Office

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“CRS is unique because we can build things that no one else can. However, we don’t just stop at providing the best products on the market. We want to provide optimal solutions. Not only can we build custom parts for your project, but if we can’t make it, we can source it. We are confident we can get material at a lower cost than you can. Our team has a comprehensive list of manufacturers and compounders who can get what you need.”

-Cumberland Rubber Supply