Ballistic Rubber

CRS is the top name when it comes to high-quality ballistic rubber. Our High-Density Ballistic Rubber has more beneficial features than just its good looks. CRS range products deliver peace-of-mind that your shooting range is safe for everyone who visits – no matter their level of experience!

CRS Ballistic offers:

-Ballistic Panels

-Ballistic Blocks

-Ballistic Sheets and Rolls

-Ballistic Granulated Rubber

+Other Custom Ballistic Rubber Options (contact us about your project)

Cumberland Rubber Supply (CRS) stands at the forefront of the ballistic protection industry as a name synonymous with quality and safety. The company’s High-Density Ballistic Rubber isn’t just known for its aesthetic appeal; it embodies a suite of beneficial features that prioritize safety and functionality, particularly in shooting ranges where the experience levels of visitors can vary significantly.

The foundation of any secure shooting range is the ability to ensure safety for all participants, regardless of whether they are seasoned professionals or first-time shooters. CRS’s High-Density Ballistic Rubber products play a pivotal role in this by offering superior ballistic containment and reducing the risk of ricochets and bounce-back, which are paramount concerns in any shooting environment.

Constructed with a keen understanding of the dynamics of ballistics, CRS’s range products are designed to absorb and encapsulate bullets upon impact effectively. This critical feature ensures that the potential for splatter or spalling is significantly minimized, thus providing a shield of safety to the range’s clientele and staff.

The High-Density Ballistic Rubber has been meticulously engineered to be resilient and durable. This means that the material can withstand the repetitive impact of bullets over time without degrading, which is essential for ranges that see high volumes of traffic and sustained use. Moreover, the density of the material is such that it can take numerous rounds without the need for immediate repair or replacement, offering cost-effective maintenance and longevity.

Furthermore, CRS’s High-Density Ballistic Rubber helps in sound dampening. The high-density material acts as an excellent sound insulator, contributing to a more comfortable environment by reducing the noise levels that are inherent to shooting ranges. This feature is especially beneficial in indoor ranges where the sound can reverberate, leading to potential hearing damage and a less enjoyable shooting experience.

In addition to its primary safety features, CRS’s ballistic rubber is also fire-resistant, adding an extra layer of security against potential fire hazards that can arise from discharged rounds. This fire-resistant quality means that the rubber will not contribute to the spread of flames, thereby allowing for more time to safely evacuate and address any incidents that may occur.

Installation of CRS’s products is another area where the attention to detail is evident. The high-density rubber panels, tiles, and blocks are designed to be user-friendly, allowing for easy and flexible installation in a variety of environments and applications. This adaptability makes CRS’s ballistic rubber suitable for not only traditional shooting ranges but also for use in military or law enforcement training facilities, private clubs, and educational institutions with shooting sports programs.

CRS is not only committed to delivering superior ballistic rubber but also to ensuring that their range products are environmentally responsible. The material is designed to be recyclable, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices.

Beyond the product itself, CRS’s customer service mirrors the quality of their ballistic rubber. The company offers comprehensive support throughout the purchase and installation process, and ongoing customer service post-installation. CRS’s team of experts is available to provide guidance and answer any questions, ensuring that every client can make the most out of their range products and maintain the highest safety standards.

In conclusion, CRS’s High-Density Ballistic Rubber range products are the embodiment of innovation, safety, and sustainability in the shooting industry. With a list of attributes that extends well beyond the mere visual appeal, these products deliver peace of mind for range owners and users alike. It’s clear that CRS doesn’t just sell ballistic rubber; they provide a comprehensive safety solution that addresses the nuances and demands of modern shooting range operations. Each purchase comes with the assurance that you are investing in a product that sets the standard for safety, quality, and performance.