CRS #114 Tootsies/ Cumberland Rubber Supply race team finished 9th in the October 3rd in Pro Late Model division weekend race. Driver Mike Murray qualified 17th and moved up eight spots during the 100 lap race. With the 9th place finish, it looks like the team is on track to compete in the All American 400. Race replay can be seen on

Next race is will be October 17th.

Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway CRS #114 Car


As of October 5, 2020

146Cole Williams 21333
189Dylan Fetcho 2130
329W Hunter Wright (R) 165-48
420Chase Johnson (R) 157-56
59Daniel Bolden147-66
611Stacey Crain141-72
79Michael Bolden139-74
81HMichael House134-79
962William Hale125-88
1001WAustin Wilson115-98
11114Mike Murray III111-102
1255HBennie Hamlett110-103
1316Billy Sisco109-104
1414Davey Coble104-109
1584Mason Mingus102-111