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Cumberland Rubber Supply provides high impact and ballistic rubber products for use in an extensive range of markets. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Cumberland Rubber Supply has become one of the leading high-density suppliers of vulcanized rubber products in Middle Tennessee and the United States.

CRS not only provides high-quality rubber parts but offers a range of accompanying products.

Product Industries:
Erosion Control
Gym / Athletic
Shooting Range
Transportation and Logistics

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Our Rubber

The flexibility of rubber is very high, making it suitable for various kinds of shock absorbers and for specialized mountings designed to reduce vibration. Rubber is also relatively impermeable to gases and has a resistance to water and most fluid chemicals. Rubber goods also possess electrical resistance and are used as an electrical insulator.

Cumberland Rubber Supply specializes in high impact parts. Our vulcanized part can be found in high impact and high-velocity environments. CRS parts are found in shooting ranges, mines, oil fields, power plants, industrial facilities, farms, athletic training facilities, and more. CRS can build panels, tiles, blocks, sheets, curtains, bumpers, pavers, ballasts, pads, and more. We are capable of producing high-density rubber components with unique custom dimensions to meet our customer's specifications.

Our rubber parts are built with the desired qualities of strength, elasticity, and durability for the specific application. CRS rubber can be used to sustain thousands of high-velocity rounds while maintaining structural integrity or take on immense weight and repetitive impact.

We service unique markets and satisfy unique demands. Check out our inventory of sizes and parts. If you don't see what you need, we can provide a cusotm solution.

Ballistic Rubber

Sheets, Curtains, Panels, Tiles, Blocks, Media & More.

Custom Rubber

Custom Designs, Dimensions, Molds, for an Array of market sectors.

Utility Rubber & More

Most durable utility flooring products for any high impact flooring environment.

Looking for high quality rubber for your next project?