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Custom Rubber

Cumberland Rubber Supply can build or supply you with a variety of unique products for an array of market sectors. We offer Agricultural Flooring, Feed Covers, Poll Bases, Livestock Mats, Trailer Mats, Lawn Striping Kits, Marine Rubber Products, Dock Bumpers, Gasket Material, Ice Arena Mats, Field Weights, Fitness Equipment Mats, Impact Panels, CrossFit Blocks, Custom Power Plant Parts and More. If you or your company needs a specific custom product or have an idea for one, please consider contacting us to discuss how to find a solution.

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Custom Capabilities

Cumberland Rubber Supply is an integrated rubber products manufacturer that is experienced in producing high quality rubber parts using non traditional wide spec raw materials.

Some of the custom products we have made:
Wheel clocks, Poll Bases, Livestock Mats, Marine Rubber Products, Gasket Material, Field Weights, Impact Panels, Custom Construction Rubber, Athletic Custom Rubber, Snow Plow Rubber, Mining Bumpers, Blocks, Lawn Striping kits, Feed Covers, Trailer Mats, Dock Bumpers, Ice Arena Mats, Fitness Equipment Mats, CrossFit Blocks, Product Testing Blocks, Agricultural Rubber, Rubber Media and Mulch, Seals for Nuclear Plant Applications, custom bumpers, and other products or designs available upon request.

unique products

We have built custom car parts, Impact Panels, mining bumpers, and custom seals.

market sectors

We service a large array of sectors from power plants to mining to the military.

Custom Designs & Molds

CRS can build custom designs meaning we have the ability to make custom products.

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