High Density Ballistic Rubber

Ballistic Rubber by Product:

Cumberland Rubber Supply is the industry leading supplier of ballistic rubber. All end users or distributors who use high-density ballistic rubber go through the CRS funnel to offer this high performance product.

Ballistic Rubber Blocks

CRS Ballistic blocks offer a variety of benefits for gun ranges. CRS high-density blocks provide anti-ricochet, encapsulation, easy cleanability, weather resistance, longevity, and more. CRS Blocks last 2 to 3 times longer than other products and does not break down into crumb piles.

Ballistic rubber blocks for gun range safety

Ballistic Rubber Sheets & Rolls

CRS Ballistic sheets and rolls are the highest performing sheet options for the gun range industry. CRS offers both sheets and rolls to provide multiple height solutions. These products offer anti-ricochet, easy cleanability, weather resistance, longevity and more. CRS can meet any spec for gun range sheet needs.

Anti-ricochet ballistic rubber sheets and rolls

Ballistic Rubber Panels

CRS Ballistic panels are the top shooting range panel product. CRS high-density ballistic panels provide anti-ricochet, easy cleanability, weather resistance, longevity, and more. CRS ballistic panels last 2 to 3 times longer than other products and do not break down into crumb piles.

Ballistic rubber panels for safe live fire training

Granulated Ballistic Rubber

CRS offers the gun range industry the highest quality granulated rubber products available. Premium, upgraded, and standard options are available to meet any budget. These options also meet or exceed any shooting range spec. All CRS granulated rubber options are 99.9% pure or higher.

Granulated Ballistic Rubber for bullet traps

Rubber Targets

CRS works with ID Targets to provide rubber targets for shooting ranges. The benefit of rubber targets is no dangerous splash back when you shoot. Rubber targets give you all the same markers as paper targets.

Rubber Targets for firearm training

Ballistic Gel

OK, we know it’s not rubber, but it’s a great accompanying product. When you order our ballistic gelatin products, you can use them almost immediately. Gel products come in a variety of block sizes as well as other custom shapes.

Ballistic Gel for firearm training

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