Premium Ballistic Rubber

Our products are manufactured to produce desired qualities of strength, elasticity, and elongation.
Ballistic Rubber Control Panels, Blocks, Sheets and Curtains

Rubber for military, law enforcement, and private ranges.

High Density Rubber Products

Cumberland Rubber Supply Ballistic Rubber products have a higher density per square inch than most products in the field.

Rubber Product Physical Properties

The flexibility of rubber is very high making it suitable for various kinds of shock absorbers and for specialized mountings designed to reduce vibration. Rubber is also relatively impermeable to gases and has a resistance to water and most fluid chemicals. Rubber goods also posses an electrical resistance and are used as an electrical insulator.

Cumberland Rubber Supply is a custom supplier of premium vulcanized rubber control panels, tiles, blocks, sheets, and curtains for military, law enforcement and private ranges. We are capable of producing ballistic rubber components with unique custom dimensions, to meet our customer's specifications.

Our product's physical properties are tensile strength: 950-1150 psi, Ultimate elongation: 210-300%, 100% modulus: 350-400psi. coefficient of friction: 1.2-1.25 static. UV exposure, ATSM D 925-88(00) 72 has ten inches below 275W RS UV bulb: tensile strength 5.9 % change, elongation 6.7% change.

These properties translate into enhancing the desired qualities of strength, elasticity, and durability of our products. Our ballistic rubber blocks, panels, and sheets can sustain thousands of high velocity rounds while maintaining the structural integrity of our product. Our rubber products are designed to provide a safe live fire environment by controlling bullets on contact, stopping or preventing ricochets and self-healing after impact. Cumberland Rubber Supply products promote and improve overall safety in live fire training environments.

If ballistic control and safety is important, then we have the premium products you need.

Cumberland Rubber Supply is a custom supplier of vulcanized rubber panels, tiles, blocks, sheets, curtains, and more.